I'll blame Mike Pfeiffer for leading me down the certification path. I have been considering it for a while and his podcast provided the final impetus.

Gregor Suttie:

The CloudSkills podcast lead me to Gregor Suttie's posts on his Azure certification journey, and I'll likely follow his template of starting with the Administration certification, followed by the Develop exams. More from Gregor on this at From Gregor Suttie
Also Ambition and drive to learn Azure


Gleaned from Gregor
Microsoft docs
Microsoft Learn
Micheal Crump's tips
Azure training on Udemy by Scott Duffy
Scott Duffy's Azure Facebook group
Azure Tips and Tricks

Getting started

I was going to start with AZ-100, but AZ-100 and AZ-101 are being retired May 1, 2019 and replaced with AZ-103, so that will be my first target. Hoping to make the 1st (and only?) attempt in about six weeks but with holidays in a couple of weeks and being busy at week it will depend if I can get sufficient momentum going. There; target set.